Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Platform Summary

As the Libertarian Party’s official nominee for Governor of Oregon in 2014, here is my  platform in brief, according to topic. Proposals with several exceptions to them are followed by an (x).

Economic Proposals

1. Abolish the personal income tax, most corporate income tax, and  the estate tax.

2. Abolish PERS, the Public Employee Retirement System.

3. Abolish the State Lottery.

4. Abolish farm subsidies, and subsidies, loans, and grants to private business.

5) Abolish all State Commissions

6) End State funding to State Universities and Colleges.

7) Outlaw business-license and vending-license requirements.

Social and Legal Proposals

1) Abolish the Death Penalty.

2) Legalize heroin for the terminally ill.

3) Completely legalize cannabis, no taxes. (x)

4) Outlaw pitbulls, current owners can keep.

5) Permit opt-out of autopsy.

6) Increase sentences for 1st- and 2nd-degree rape by 50%.

7) Pardon all cannabis prisoners. (x)

8) Outlaw 2nd-hand tobacco smoke within 100ft of another person.

9) Legalize prostitution and gambling.

10) Remove marriage from State legal codes and statutes. (x)

11) Outlaw air conditioner noise that crosses property lines.

12) Affirm Natural Rights of Individuals take precedence over any alleged rights of corporations.

13) End Civil Forfeiture; only Criminal Forfeiture allowed under law.

Environmental Proposals

1) Implement live logging moratorium on all State lands. (x)

2) Repeal the Right to Farm and Forest Act.

3) Outlaw fracking.

4) Ban GMO-crop cultivation.

5) Ban pesticide, herbicide sprays on State lands and in public schools.

6) Ban atrazine, neonicotinoid pesticides, and certain other herbicides.

7) Jail anyone smoking tobacoo within 10 ft. of a child.

8) Utilize the “Natural Selection Forest Management” System in managing State lands. This provides a sustainable harvest of dead trees, self-employs the harvesters and distributors, and cuts our national trade deficit while being carbon-neutral and leaving the forests in near-wilderness conditions with no measurable environmental degradation.

Animal welfare proposals.

1) Outlaw vivisection.

2) Outlaw hunting and fishing. (x) (Native-American Tribal Lands exempt.)

3) Outlaw slaughterhouses.

4) Outlaw rodeos and circuses using animals, marine parks using killer whales and/or dolphins, bullfighting, bear-baiting.

5) Implement Statewide spay program at one hour minimum wage cost.

6) Outlaw horse and greyhound racing.

7) Provide bulletproof vests for all police dogs in Oregon.


Paul Grad,


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