Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Banning Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Saving the Bees

As the official candidate of the Libertarian Party of Oregon for Governor, I will, if elected, immediately ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in Oregon, which have been implicated in the recent horrendous decline in bee populations, until such time as it has been shown to my satisfaction that these pesticides are completely harmless to bees.

The U.S. saw a 23% decline in bee populations over the winter, according to a BBC report, and one of the major causes, according to the Friends of the Earth, is the use of these pesticides. This group is prudently calling for our President to ban this product in U.S., but instead the President has set up another namby-pamby task force “to study” the problem for six months instead of taking decisive action, while handing out more millions to wealthy farmers and ranchers, who really need it, to subsidize their bee farming. This is typical of President Obama’s failure to come to terms decisively with environmental problems his own neglect and negligence have caused, instead of banning many of these bee-killing poisons years ago.

Maybe the President doesn’t have the decisiveness to ban neonicotinoid pesticies, but, if elected Governor of Oregon, I will. It would be my responsibility under the Oregon Constitution.

According to the White House, honey bee pollinators contribute $15 billion to the U.S. economy. They are key to pollinating crops like apples, carrots, and avocados. President Obama, by not immediately banning these pesticides, is willing to risk that production and cashflow, and much higher food prices for the public and the poor, in order to placate his corporate friends.

Our decisions with pesticides and herbicides should follow the “precautionary principle”, that is, they should not be allowed until it is shown that they are absolutely safe. Perhaps the only exception would be if we were facing a major contagion that threatened to decimate the entire world population, like the Black Plague.

Letting collectivist corporations run roughshod over the health of the public, in order to swell the coffers of government politicians and their election campaign chests, is leading to extremely costly and tragic problems that vastly increase the misery of the general public, in order to benefit those politicians who owe their allegiance to the mega-corporations.

This issue exactly illustrates the call I have been making, to combine our radical Libertarian Capitalism with a stringent environmental protection, for without maintaining the health and integrity of the environment, which is the Earth, there will be no Free-Market Capitalism left.

Let’s blaze a new path in political history by combining the virtues of Capitalism and Environmentalism in one political platform.

Vote for me for Governor of Oregon on November 4, 2014, and help save the bees, the food supply, and this incredible Earth. Don’t let the Kitzhabers, Richardsons, and Obamas of this planet destroy Her.

Paul Grad,


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