Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: The Oregon Unified Primary Initiative, Ballot Measure 90: The Fascist’s Dream Bill

The curse of the Unified Primary Initiative, Oregon Ballot Measure 90, hangs over the State. Now that the Fascists have shut up the California voters into their Top Two voting prison, they want to spread their Fascist disease to Oregon.paul 19

The Unified Primary Initiative, also known as “Top Two”, which would leave only two candidates on the final ballot, instead of the current three or more which gives the voters a real choice in the final election, is the Fascists’ dream bill to keep out any effective opposition to their rule from a third party. Great Britain has had three major parties for over a century, and it has served her well. But here in America, the Fascists want to make sure that you only have this one feeble choice, every four years, between the two wings of the Bipartisan Fascist Party, and the two charlatans they vomit forth. And they tout that as Democracy!

I believe what they want to do is supress any dissent of their Corporate Fascist State, and stifle any moves towards a Jeffersonian Libertarian society, with its accompanying great Freedom of action for the Individual. It’s very convenient for the professional politicans that there be only two parties. This way, they keep the people spinning their wheels in the mire of a political mudpile: the Tories vs. Labour, the Democrats vs. the Republicans.

But now Americans can see that both parties are essentially the same Statist, corporate communist, entity. The “Libertarianism” of the Republicans is non-existent. They are as Collectivist as the Democrats, and to be given a choice between two Fascists every four years is no choice at all. And we call them Fascists because they believe in a partnership between government and corporate business, and the planned economy, which has always been a failure.

Libertarians take a completely different approach, starting off with a bedrock of ethical behavior and building on that. Because this philosophy is so radically different from the compromises of groups like the Republican Party or the Thatcherites, it should not be viewed as close to them. They have taken tiny baby steps towards Libertarianism, but taken giant strides towards Fascism. As in Britain, American Republicans have let Statist programs be introduced under the Democrats, and then maintained those Statist programs when they got into power. Then the Democrats would get in again, expand the Leviathan State, and then again the Republicans would get in, and tolerate or even re-inforce that Leviathan State (for example, Bush’s No Child Left Unmolested and Free).

The American People need a clear choice, and that can only be found in third, fourth, or even more political parties. Mark Twain said that difference of opinion makes horse races. And it makes for a healthy, democratic, Constitutional Republic too.

We urge our “friends” in the Socialist Workers Party to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity with Libertarians in opposing this heinous, Fascistic initiative, which would shut them up just as much as Libertarians. Pacific Greens, Communists, and Bull Moosers are also welcome to join us.

Don’t be misled by the argument that this will give minor party candidates a chance to win in the primary, where they will be outspent by the party-hack political machines. The only way to win an election is to be on the final ballot (unless you can win with write-ins, and when has that every happened?), and if that ballot is confined to the Democrat and the Republican as it surely will be under this bill, then there is no chance for a minor party candidate to ever win. This bill has had devastating effects on third party candidates in all the States in which the Fascists have been successful with it. Let’s hope the Greens and Socialist Workers have enough mental capacity to see how dangerous this bill is for them also.

It will also have a disastrous effect on voting percentages, as many dissident voters will feel that voting is as much a waste of time as it was in the Soviet Union under Andropov or Kosygin. A choice between two lying Fascisti every four years? Why bother to vote?

As the official Libertarian Party of Oregon candidate for Governor, I urge the voters to vote against this Fascist assault on our Jeffersonian, democratically-elected, Constitutional Republic.

Vote No on Oregon State Ballot Initiative No. 90.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor,


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