Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Capitalism, The Society That Never Was

We hear a lot of propaganda about how Capitalism has failed, and how we need even more Socialism and government intervention in the economy, but I disagree. On the contrary, I think a Capitalist, Free-Market economy has never truly existed.

Of course, there have been pockets of Capitalism that have existed. The South Sea Islander or the Native American, trading shells or some other money commodity for another useful commodity, like food or tools, was engaging in pure Capitalism. There was no coercion, both parties to the trade did so willingly, they used the money commodity to realize the transaction, and both were glad afterwards. The man with a thousand cowry shells, but only a day’s food, traded some of those shells for a months supply of victuals, while the man receiving the shells knew that he had a thousand pounds of food which would soon go bad, and also knew he could trade those cowry shells in the next village for a goat he wanted for a pet. Each got what he wanted, with no coercion or violence. The trade was effected with the money commodity, better known as Capital. And both traders ended up with a more commodious life, according to their individual pursuits of happiness. That is Capitalism, and that is good.

But outside of such native trading situations, and perhaps isolated pockets of the Old West, where people traded precious metal coins or dust back and forth to get their commodities, there has been no true Capitalism.

What Libertarianism, and Jefferson’s Republic sought and now seek, is the realization of such a Capitalist society within the Jeffersonian framework of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s not that Capitalism produces Libertarianism, though it does if we look at the history of England, the Netherlands, and the Italian Republics, but rather that Libertarianism leads to Capitalism, because of the sanctity of Property Rights under the Natural Law theory.

There have been two necessary ingredients to this Capitalist Revolution that have never existed before simultaneously in history. The one was the Libertarian philosophy and government according to Jefferson, and the other, which has only become recently available, is the incredible explosion in technology.

Technology has exploded so many of the problems that Human Beings used to have to spend most of their lives dealing with. Compare the problems of performance and maintenance of the first Model-Ts to the current models. Now there is a device that can suck moisture out of the air in the middle of the Sahara, so that one need not die of thirst. Technology has enabled many “disabled” people to perform on a computer just like their “enabled” counterparts, and there are very few people who could not now do some useful work on a computer, no matter what their disability, though there are many exceptions.

It seems to me that now, with this amazing technology, and this amazing Jeffersonian concept of government, finally bringing the Libertarian, or Classical Libertal, philosophy to fruition, there is no obstacle in the way of creating such a Libertarian Capitalist free society, save for big, socialistic, government, and the mentality it has created in most of the American Public. That Libertarian philosophy was nurtured and passed through so many thinkers from the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance, to the English Dissenters, and finally to that Renaissance Man, Thomas Jefferson, who saw and acted as if money was not an end in itself, but a tool in the “Pursuit of Happiness”. Recall that in previous constitutions, the phrase had been “an unalienable right to life, liberty, and property”. I believe Jefferson had the great insight that money only had relation to the things it could be used to obtain and to do, and he certainly lived his life that way, throwing every cent that came his way into Monticello, and crop experimentation, and books, and musical instruments, and land. The great blot on his record was that, paradoxically, this great “Libertarian” descended to owning slaves, about the worst Libertarian crime there is, after murder.

But now, we have the Jeffersonian blueprint, which took millenia to develop, and we have this amazing technology, which also took millenia. With each in one hand, we can create a Free-Market society where there will be great Freedom and prosperity, where the Bill of Rights is scrupulously enforced, and men are generally happy because they have found a calling that they enjoy, that earns them a living.

Let’s create this non-coercive Libertarian society of Free-Market Capitalism, which I believe will lead to a constantly rising standard of living, and a constant creation of new jobs and professions catering to the free-market demands of whomever has the Capital to undertake a project, be it buying an orange, or building an orphanage.

For the first time in recorded Human History, let’s have a real Capitalist Society.

Please help bring this about by voting for me for Governor of Oregon. While bringing about this Capitalist Revolution, I will defend the Land and Nature tooth and nail, beginning with a logging moratorium on all State Lands, preserving this valuable asset, owned by the residents and taxpayers, to increase the intrinsic value of the land.

Paul Grad,


2 thoughts on “Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Capitalism, The Society That Never Was

  1. You talk about libertarian ideals, but then expose your big government mentality when you propose a moratorium on logging in state forests. Trees are a “crop” that should be harvested to support the economic vitality of Oregon. Your return to natural forces will result in forest fires from the fallen & rotting old growth.

    1. And you expose your big government mentality when you even discuss “State” lands. The “State” should own no lands, but since it does, and it gives away the resources on those lands to logging corporations at below the free-market value, constituting a socialist giveaway to corporate business, I’m going to make sure that the theft of those public resources doesn’t occur. If you believe in “State” lands, then the trees on that land belong to the “people” of the State, and increase in value as they grow. Why should the government give away or sell below the market value commodity assets that theoretically belong to the “public”? Obviously, with the Democrat and Republican Fascists spending America into debt slavery, the commodity assets on public lands should be conserved, as someday we may need to back our currency with those lands, given the Communist spendthrifts in Washington destroying the value of the Dollar. Or, if Oregon succeeded from the Union, and had its own currency, which I propose should be named “The Rothbard”, it might need to back that State currency with the public lands, if we still had public lands by then.

      State lands should not exist, but until they are abolished, the valuable commodities on them are public property, and I’m not going to let them be looted so corporate communists like you can get them on the cheap.

      Rothbard points out that government sales of valuable commodity assets to private business at below the free-market price usually leads to much more environmental damage than if those lands were privately owned because the business will take as much as it can possibly loot from the government, but on its own lands, it must ration its resources based on what it thinks the future market price will be. A government sale of copper mining rights or timber cutting will thus create more environmental degredation than would have probably occurred on private lands.

      You talk of cutting trees to “support the economic vitality of Oregon”, which is a vague phrase with no meaning. What you really mean by “economic vitality” are your easy logging profits made by buying public assets at below the free-market, ripped off from the State land owner, the People. When the corporations are ripping off the government, they always justify it by some vague phrase like “economic vitality of Oregon”, but all economic transactions are individual. There is no such thing as “economic vitality”, only individual prosperity. There only exists in reality individual capitalists interacting with other individual capitalists, so your “economic vitality of Oregon” is pure piffle, a verbal, notional, phantom creation.

      And what about the separation of government and business which Ron Paul talked about? Just as we should have a wall of separation between government and religion, and government and education, so we must have a wall of separation between government and business. The State should engage in no subsidies to private businesses.

      That said, I do admit that such an injunction would be an action by “big goverment”, but why is it you fail to mention the dozen or more other proposals I put forth in my platform that would eliminate almost all big government: abolishing the personal and small corporate income tax and estate tax, legalizing cannabis with exceptions, legalizing heroin for the terminally ill, abolishing PERS and closing the State Universities,and eventually all government schools, abolishing all State Commissions, abolishing the minimum wage law, outlawing business license requirements, removing marriage from the legal code, legalizing prostitution and gambling, etc. I think Milton Friedman and Ron Paul had far more State programs in their economic proposals and platforms than I have, and they’re both usually described as “Libertarian”. Why do you criticise me for this one measure which dismantles corporate Socialism? I’d remind you that F.A. Hayek, the Nobel Prize-winning Austrian School economist, proposed that government could be involved in reforestation, and I’d argue that preventing deforestation is a form of reforestation, or at least prevents the need for reforestation. It’s true that Murray Rothbard correctly criticized Hayek on this point, but no one calls Hayek a Communist for proposing it.

      What your really want is Corporate Socialism, with the government guaranteeing your profits.

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