Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: I Win the Libertarian State Primary

Thanks to the approximately 990 Oregon registered Libertarians who mailed back their ballots, and the 739 who voted for me in round one of the ballot count, I have gained the nomination of the Libertarian Party of Oregon for the Governorship. I trust Providence will find me worthy of their confidence.

Being the candidate of a major political party in America gives one an awesome burden of responsibility, for one is offering oneself up to be the steward of the public’s society. At the same time, being a nominee gives one the opportunity to bring crucial issues before the public, focus attention on them, and perhaps thusly effect a solution. This is certainly the intent of my proposals such as legalizing heroin for the terminally ill, or outlawing second-hand tobacco smoke and noise pollution, while at the same time virtually completely legalizing cannabis, and pardoning all cannabis prisoners in prisons. Instead of just whining and commiserating with neighbors and friends about the things that the government should do, but doesn’t, like enforcing and protecting individual property rights, running for office gives one the slim chance to actually effect revolutionary changes in the way government runs, and thus the social structure. Even if one loses, the effect of debate and discussion is salutory on general society because we believe that the mind of man naturally sympathizes with the just side of any political issue. At least, the majority does in all but the most morally-depraved societies.

In the interests of transparency, we give some of the results of the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s self-conducted Primary Election. There were three fusion candidates running beside myself for the gubernatorial nomination: Tim Carr, Bruce Cuff, and Mae Rafferty, all Republicans. This was one reason I put my name forward as a candidate, because I thought it ignoble and unseemly for the Libertarian Party to not even be able to field a candidate for the highest office in the State government, and thought it futile to have to go back to the ancient dismal choice of either a Democrat or Republican, the two sides of the eternal football game. And while I could have voted for Tim Carr, who sounded sane, Cuff or Rafferty would have required writing myself in.

It is interesting to note that while the proposed State Ballot Measures attracted roughly  980 votes per measure, the Governor’s office only attracted 887 valid votes, with 8 blank votes and 2 illegal votes. So, about a hundred people who voted on the ballot measures chose not to vote on the four gubernatorial choices. Good. People aren’t willing to vote for someone and a platform they don’t know, although I posted my platform early on on this blog. Neither are they willing to vote for another Statist Republican, who wants not only just slightly less government intrusion than the Democrats, but on many issues even more government meddling, or else even less environmental protection than the miserly protection the government currently barely furnishes. It’s either too much or too little.

Still, I was pleased to note that Tim Carr, whom I voted for 2nd for governor, and whom I recommended as a second choice in my blog post on the Oregon State Ballot Initiatives, came in second after my 739 votes with 47 votes, with Cuff and Rafferty trailing. In the second round, where the losing “fusion” candidates were eliminated, and 2nd choices counted on those ballots, I received 789 votes, and nine Libertarians received one vote each.

In my next post, I will discuss how the Libertarian Primary voters treated the probable State Ballot Measures that most likely will appear in November, and how the party member’s votes compared to my own on these issues.

Thanks again to all those who chose to spend that forty-odd cents (how much is it now?) for a stamp to mail back their ballots, and all those who contributed their Capital to, and those that actually ran, the Primary. They have help promote the democratic elections that pick the Representatives for our Constitutional Republic, which guarantees the continuation of our Jeffersonian system of governance.

My platform can be found at:

And now, onward to a Libertarian, Free Society in Oregon.

Paul Grad,




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