Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Abolishing PERS, the Public Employees Retirement System

As Governor of Oregon, I will introduce legislation abolishing the heinous public employees retirement system, known as PERS.

There can be little doubt that PERS is bankrupting local governments all over Oregon. It is an outrageous, immoral system, and one which shows how communistic proposals that sound reasonable can lead to horrendous results that undermine an entire society.

Imprimus, let’s remember that the entire idea of publicly funded retirement systems is completely immoral, and a violation of the inalienable right to ones own property in the form of taxes. There is certainly an obligation to pay public employees a salary, just as in the private market, but why should we be obliged to pay a public employee retirement benefits for the rest of their post-60 year old lives? Obviously, we should not be obliged under a system of Libertarian Law, and the property that we are forced to hand over to this sytem in the form of taxes is nothing but theft through coercion. Given the huge benefits accrued, and the annual COLA increase which is larger than most banks pay in interest, where is there in our Jeffersonian Constitution any obligation for the taxpayer to support people after they cease to work for the taxpayer? Since we are all already dragooned into the immoral Federal Social Security System by the Federal Government, and if that system is supposedly sufficient to support people in their old age, why should there be any further obligation on state taxpayers to provide an additional welfare boondoggle to these communistic parasites (and we exclude from this description those state workers who morally objected to PERS but were forced, if they wanted to work for the State, into having to participate in it)?

There is absolutely no reason why people cannot save for their own retirement, or why private retirement funds could not be set up on the free-market that would carry out the same function. State workers should be on the same footing as the Manpower employee who works for the minimum wage, and receives absolutely no retirement benefits.

Whenever the politicians dun you for more tax money for yet another government function, remember that that money probably would have been available if there were no PERS system bleeding local government of its revenues.

Recall that over 1,100 Oregon State PERS recipients currently receive over $100,000 each in pension benefits per year, according to Oregon Live, and a list of the top amount recipients published by the major newspaper, the Oregonian.

The top dozen annual amount recipients are Robert Bellotti — $513, 612, Neil Swanson — $463,053, Frederick Keller — $390,840, Lesley Hallick — $298,176, Steven Goldschmidt — $267,322, David Frohnmayer — $261,234, Frank Anderson — $251,070, William Korach — $249,327, Peter Kohler $246,468, Peter Vonhippel — $245,136, Anthony Montanaro — $241,984, and David Kabat, $238,844. The full list can be found here:

This is the legalized, immoral looting of the taxpayers that goes on under the rule of the Democrats, and their Republican collaborators and enablers.

If you think that over 1,100 former State employees should receive annual retirement benefits of over $100,000, then vote for the Democrats and Republicans. If you think this is utterly immoral and unConstitutional, then vote for me and other Libertarians who would pledge to abolish this fiscal abomination.

Let’s stop mollycoddling wealthy government parasites at the expense of the public’s safety and those few government functions which are within the purview of the Jeffersonian concept of Libertarian government. Let’s abolish PERS.

Libertarians can check my name on the Libertarian Primary ballot. Democrats, Republicans, and Communists can vote for me if I win the Libertarian Primary (I’m running against three Republicans) on the November ballot, or write me in if I don’t win the Libertarian Primary.

Paul Grad,


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