Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Outlawing Pitbulls

As Governor, I will seek to protect the safety of the public by implimenting the British Dangerous Dogs Act, which basically outlaws pitbull types, along with the Japanese Tosa, the Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brazilierno, because these dogs were specifically bred for fighting. Additionally, we know the pitbull has especially powerful jaws that can crush, and far too many Americans have died or been severely injured in pitbull attacks, while the mainstream politicians never bring up this very important issue.

After hearing stories for years of Americans dying in pitbull attacks, I recall a case I read of years ago in Oregon. A young boy  had had his face crushed by a pitbull, and spent 30 days in the hospital, as well as needing several reconstructive surgeries afterwards. That a child should have to go through that ordeal because of the irresponsibility of pitbull owners, and the irresponsibility of the State, is an outrage, and it must stop. If elected Governor, I will stop it.

My Bill would be slightly more lenient than the British Act. Current owners, in my bill, would be able to keep their dogs, though they would have to register them, as they do in England, but they wouldn’t have to have them microchipped and tatooed. Dogs would have to be confined at all times, and, when in public, would have to be both on a leash and muzzled. Letting a pitbull, or one of the other three types listed in the British bill, run loose in public would possibly get you 6 months in jail and an $8,000 fine.

Basically, the law would outlaw the possession, sale, and breeding of pitbulls, and current owners would have to register them, and keep them leashed and muzzled in public.

In my opinion, letting a pitbull run loose in public is akin to firing a gun in the air in the midst of a metropolis. It’s reckless endangerment of the severest kind.

Once this law is in place, a lot fewer Americans will suffer a horrible death or disfigurement, and irresponsible lawbreakers, who don’t give a damn about the safety of their fellow citizens, will be sitting in jail, just like that little kid who had to spend 30 days in the hospital, except that their faces won’t be crushed in.

The British law calls for a fine of 5,000 British Pounds, about $8,500, and/or six months in jail. It wisely refers to pitbull “types”, so that someone can’t get around the prohibition with the defense that his dog is a pitbull mix.

The Oregon Constitution gives the State the responsibility for the safety of its Citizens, and by introducing this bill, and having the legislature pass it, I, as Governor, will be carrying out that responsibility.

Libertarians can check my name on the Libertarian Primary ballot. Democrats, Republicans, and Communists can write me in.

Paul Grad,


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