Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Repealing Oregon’s SB 132 The Vaccination Bill

As Governor of Oregon, I will introduce legislation repealing SB 132, the so-called Vaccination Bill.

Without going into the vaccine-antivaccine controversy, I would oppose this bill because it forces involuntary servitude on American individuals, which is prohibited by the Federal Bill of Rights.

What SB 132 does is require parents, who don’t want their children vaccinated for some moral, non-medical reason, to either get a certificate from an M.D., or certify that they have watched an online “educational” video. In requiring a person to go through these actions, even though they have already stated their opposition to having their children vaccinated, the State is compelling involuntary servitude, and thus SB 132 is unConstitutional in my opinion.

It is interesting to note that Oregon, usually referred to as a Liberal, Democratic State, with a Democratic Party Governor who is also an M.D., should also have the highest non-compliance in the U.S. for mandatory vaccination programs for school and daycare children. This Libertarian scepticism in what the government says is safe may result from a more Libertarian attitude in general in Oregon. While the national average for non-compliance with vaccination mandates is 1.2%, the Oregon average is 6.4%, the highest in America. Funny that these Liberals who vote Democrat should run a State that rejects the mainstream Liberal-Democrat medical line. In the State legislature, the bill passed 16-13, with 16 Democrats voting for it and 13 Republicans voting against it.

Even more astonishing is the fact that Ashland, Oregon, a Liberal-Democratic area with Southern Oregon State University situated there, which presumably indicates many highly educated people, should have a reported non-compliance rate with vaccinations of 25%. Why does a Liberal Democratic city have a rate over 20 times higher than the national average? Sounds like these Liberal Democrats may have read about the dangers of vaccination, or studied the issue so that they have legitimate doubts about the safety of these drugs pumped into their non-voting children. Perhaps they remember thalidimide? Perhaps they believe in the “precautionary principle”, which should be the standard for all substances mandated for use on the public.? Unless it has been proven 100% safe, no chemical or drug should be permitted to be administered to people without their consent. This violates the Libertarian prohibition against “invasion”, which is obviously a violation of Individual Property Rights.

As Governor, I will attempt to repeal this heinous form of involuntary servitude, which mocks the ability of people to choose for themselves what they feel is best for themselves and their children.

Libertarians can vote for me on the Libertarian Primary Ballot. Democrats, Republicans, and Communists can write me in.

Paul Grad,


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