Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Abolishing Farm Subsidies, and Subsidies and Loans to Private Business

As Governor of Oregon, I will strive to abolish all Farm Subsidies, which are pure corporate socialism, usually for the affluent. Farm Subsidies are the robbing of poor people to give to the rich.

In no other industries and areas vital to the individual do we give subsidies. We don’t have free food for all, or free clothing, or medical care for all, free buses and ambulances, and these seem just as vital as farming to the survival of the individuals. How about your car? Do you think the government should pay for its maintenance, and give you a huge monthly gasoline allowance for free?

And if you don’t think these are legitimate functions of government, why do you think Farm Subsidies are more holy? And recall, farm subsidies often pay the farmer not  to grow food, raising the price for the consumers, and compounding the injustice.

Likewise with subsidies and loans to private businesses and corporations. These are robbing the individual through coercion, which is a form of violence forbidden in Libertarianism, and turning the loot over to wealthy corporations and private businesses. Even when it helps a small business man get going, such subsidies and loans are immoral, for what of the other small businessman who does not qualify for these subsidies and loans and who wants to enter into competition with the subsidized small business, why should he be put at a disadvantage by not being also helped? This is grossly unfair, and can obviously be used as a political weapon by a corrupt government, handing out contracts, loans, and subsidies to fellow party members, and fellow political philosophy fanatics.

In a state that already has a lower corporate tax rate than is paid by the lower middle-class worker, a terrible injustice, there is added this further insult to the poor taxpayer of having to subsidize and give loans to wealthy corporations, often benefitting just a few wealthy owners at the public’s expense.

Just as Jefferson believed in a “wall of separation” between Church and State, so too the Libertarian must believe in a wall of separation between business and state, and even education and state, except for teaching reading if you’re a Jeffersonian. Cutting government off from these three areas — organized religion, business, and education — will leave these areas free of government meddling, and leave them free to develop their own business models. And the taxpayer would have far more money to deploy as he saw fit, for his immediate commodity needs, to make his life more commodious.

Subsidies, loans, and special tax rates for private business are obviously immoral, and the crime is against the general taxpayer. Abolishing these unjust manifestations of corporate communism would go far towards eliminating, or at least prophylacting our society against, Fascism, which Mussolini defined in a nutshell as “Corporatism”. “Il Fascismo e il Corporatismo” said the founder of Fascism — “Fascism is Corporatism”. Getting rid of Farm Subsidies, and loans to private business will help prevent that horrendous political system.

As Governor of Oregon, I will rid our State of these unjust exactions on the general taxpayer by trying to abolish farm subsidies, and subsidies and loans to private businesses and corporations.

Libertarians can check the box on the primary ballot. Democrats, Republicans, and Communists can write me in.

Paul Grad,


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