Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Abolishing the Oregon State Lottery

One of my legislative goals, if I were to be elected Governor of Oregon, would be to abolish the deeply immoral State Lottery. That the State should be involved in promoting this self-destructive vice makes all Citizens of Oregon complicit in the immorality, whether they oppose gambling or not. Moral people should not be forced by the State to be part of something immoral, and if you personally receive any benefit from the lottery, you are benefitting from an immoral action that helps to destroy people.

How many people have committed suicide because of the despair and poverty brought on by gambling on the Oregon State Lottery? How many children have gone hungry, or been neglected because of this State-sponsored and encouraged vice? You will never know the number, nor the damage done. Nor will those who enthusiastically applaud this State-promoted vice which exploits the desire for something for nothing.

Yet at the same time, the hypocritical State actually outlaws private gambling between consenting individuals, so that the old-timers down at the park, playing blackjack for nickels, are labeled under the law as Criminals, while the State can engage in exactly the same Crime with impunity. And this is the hypocrisy that Liberal Democrats applaud.

There is nothing in the several Constitutions written by Thomas Jefferson that anywhere mentions the necessity for the State to engage in mulcting the Public, through gambling, out of the tax dollars it needs to pay itself wages.

And it’s amusing to hear Liberals and Leftists, who are always talking about the greed of the “Capitalist Class”, applauding the idea of someone getting something-for-nothing, the sum total of ten lifetimes of saving for only irresponsibly gambling away one dollar of their children’s legacy. The irresponsible, non-frugal man is rewarded by the lottery with tens of millions of dollars, while he rips off millions of other poor people of a dollar which they sorely needed. In the Lottery, something-for-nothing is suddenly OK with anti-Capitalist Liberal and Leftist Democrats.

And here, when Federal Democrats are telling us that the nation’s savings rate is to low, and needs to be raised, is a State ruled by Democrats, encouraging people not to save, but to throw their money away on gambling: the hypocrisy of the Democrats, again.

The Lottery is one of the most effective socialist mechanisms for keeping the poor poor, and for keeping the workers going to their mind-numbing jobs. Both these results are necessary to maintain the salaries and functions of bureaucrats and government workers.

As Governor I will press the legislature to abolish this heinous and socially-destructive State Lottery, and if they refuse, I will use my bully pulpit to urge the People of Oregon to instruct the legislature to abolish it.

Paul Grad,


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