Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Pardoning the Cannabis Prisoners

As Governor, my third act, after commuting the death sentences of anyone scheduled to be murdered by the State in the next 24-hours to life in solitary at dull labor, and then sending a bill to the State legislature legalizing heroin for the terminally ill,  will be to begin revewing the prison dossiers of anyone convicted solely under the State’s cannabis statutes, which I believe violate the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, and then grant them a full pardon, except for anyone who had been previously convicted of a violent felony and served their time. For example, if someone had been convicted of simple possession or cultivation, or sales, with no associated charges, and no previous record of violent crimes, the types of crimes that violate Libertarian principles, then I would pardon them. However, if they assaulted the arresting officer during the arrest, or also had a meth lab going, or had a stash of stolen weapons, or had previous convictions for armed robbery, or child molestation, I wouldn’t pardon them, although perhaps that would be unequal justice and eventually be ruled unconstitutional.

But in the interim, harmless citizens who had engaged in no crimes at all under Libertarian doctrine, would regain their liberty. And the long-suffering taxpayers would save a small fortune in taxes, half of which I would return to the taxpayer in the form of an income tax reduction for individuals (corporations already pay a lower income tax rate in Oregon than an individual worker, a grave injustice). The other half saved I would put towards my next platform proposal: longer sentences for 1st- and 2nd-degree rape.

Let’s free the people rotting in jail because of the cannabis prohibitionists of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Let’s end this atrocious anti-Libertarian crime against all our Citizens’  Natural Rights.

Remember than Prohibition is a form of Communism, and a violation of your inalienable Natural Rights under Individual Libertarian Capitalism. No man who would violate your Rights through the coercion of the gun and the jail cell can call himself moral.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor,


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