Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Legalizing Cannabis Without Taxation

One of the canons of Libertarianism is the idea of self-ownership. We own our bodies, they are part of our legacy of property rights, and as such, we are entitled to do whatever we wish with them, as long as we don’t directly assault the property rights of anyone else.

Under such a view, it becomes obvious that people should be free to put whatever they want into their bodies, and this includes drugs taken for non-medical reasons. Having a cup of coffee may be a wicked vice, and a metaphysical crime against the body, but it is not illegal or a crime. Taking drugs should fall under the rubric of medicine and medical problems, and under no other.

Therefore, as Governor I will present to the legislature a bill completely legalizing cannabis, with no taxes, fees, or registrations necessary to use and cultivate it. There should be a completely free market in cannabis, that is, if you believe in Capitalism, and that America should be a capitalist economy. The only restrictions on cannabis use would be keeping illegal non-medical delivery to minors, driving under the influence (and this topic desperately needs objective study on human subjects), and smoking so that another person is forced to breathe the smoke. What you do within your own domicile and desmesne, if it affects no one else, should be your own business and not the state’s.

Vast sums of law enforcement monies, jail-space, and court time, are wasted on enforcing the unconstitutional and immoral cannabis statutes. Let the Federal Government waste Federal dollars on it if they are so ignorant and Fascistic, but we in Oregon should just say no to this immorality, and theft of our dollars for unconstitutional purposes.

Perhaps each drug needs to be dealt with in a certain way, and as the drugs go up the scale of addiction (and the Benowitz Scale, invented by Dr. Benowitz of the University of California San Francisco, is the scale I would use as Governor) there might be various legal and constitutional ways of restricting their usage, but no American should ever spend one day in jail for merely possessing a drug.

On the Benowitz scale of addiction, cannabis is less physically addictive (if at all) than caffeine. (Benowitz gives caffeine a 22, if I recall correctly, and cannabis a 14). As governor I would try to legalize any drug less physically addictive than caffeine, though DUI and non-medical delivery to minors would remain illegal. If cannabis is less physically addictive than caffeine, it should be legal.

Let us put an end to the tyranny of the two Fascist-prohibitionist parties who throw Americans in cages for walking around with a plant in their pocket, and loot your tax dollars to do it with. Smoke them out of office with your ballot.

Paul Grad,


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