Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Legalizing Heroin for the Terminally Ill

One of the key elements of my platform is the legalization of heroin for the terminally ill.

For the sadists of the Democratic and Republican Parties, this is an issue which is never addressed, because the dying will not be able to vote in the next election. Governor John Kitzhaber, that disgrace who calls himself a Doctor, is a good example. Now in his third term, Kitzhaber has never raised the issue of people dying in agony because the Democratic Fascists of his party never raise this issue. Nor has Congressman Peter DeFazio, euphamistically also called a “Liberal”, spoken out, nor have the two “Liberal” Senators from Oregon, Wyden and Merkley. That these sadists will abandon our most vulnerable citizens, the terminally ill, in their hour of greatest need, is truly disgusting.

Moreover, it is a gross violation of the terminally-ill patient’s self-ownership, perhaps the most basic Libertarian principle. These Miscreants have no moral right to say to a dying person, “You have no right to take heroin to relieve your excruciating pain. You will have to get by with morphine, even if it doesn’t stem your pain, because I refuse to let you use heroin, and the State I represent tells you that it is “illegal” for you to assuage your pain in an effective manor with heroin.”

You can see the moral decrepitude of the prohibitionist Democrats very clearly on this issue.

Stand up, Oregonians, for your Inablienable Right, and the Right of your loved ones, not to suffer terrible pain just because these Immoral Miscreants violate your right to self-medicate. Say “no” to this Nazi-like sadism, by voting to legalize heroin by voting for me for Governor of Oregon, either by checking my name on the Liberatarian Primary Ballot, or writing me in on the Democratic and Republican Primary Ballots which will be arriving in a few days.

Legalizing heroin for the terminally ill is one of the most important issues of this campaign; one which the mainstream politicians will not touch. But I will.

Vote to defend yourself and your loved ones against these sadists. Vote for Paul Grad for Governor of Oregon.

Libertarians can check the box. Democrats, Republicans, and Communists, can write me in. I hope you will vote for me, and strike a blow for Human Decency.

Paul Grad,


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